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Hello Atlanta!!!

Iman GP-Lemonade Day Atlanta Intern

Iman GP-Lemonade Day Atlanta Intern

First, let me introduce myself. My name is Iman, and I am currently a junior at University of Houston, majoring in Public Relations. I hope to pick up either a Global Business or Marketing minor next Spring. I just transferred to U of H this spring from University of Miami, and I am still adjusting to Houston and absolutely LOVING it!!! Enough about me….what about Lemonade Day?

My project for my summer internship is bringing Prepared 4 Life’s amazing Lemonade Day Program to Atlanta on May 2, 2010. Lemonade Day is a fun, free, citywide, educational program that teaches children entrepreneurial skills, life skills, and character education while building community. By teaching kids how to start, own, operate, and manage their own lemonade stand business, Lemonade Day empowers youth to become financially literate, productive and proactive members of society and in their communities. I am so extremely excited about working with Atlanta’s up and coming kid entrepreneurs!

My favorite part of the program besides empowering the children is building community. Everyone has heard the African Proverb “It takes a village to raise a child.” This basically means that raising children is a communal effort, it is a responsibility that everyone must take part in. Lemonade Day really brings this community out for a day where the entire community has a role, and everyone’s focus is the children. Can you imagine what it does for a child to know that an entire community wants to them to succeed? That does wonders for self esteem, and it stays with children their entire lives. I will never forget how much it always meant to me to know that my parents, teachers, principles, pastors, neighborhood, city council, etc. really wanted to see me succeed, and still check up on me to this day. I can not wait to bring Lemonade Day and that community to the children in Atlanta, especially those that are missing it.

Now in Houston, I am also making an impact, even though it is not as hands on as I am used to being. For the first time, I’m more on the I guess you would call it “corporate” side, but making a difference all the same.  My efforts in the office will lead to the fruition of Lemonade Day Atlanta on May 2, 2010, and also in the other cities you see on the tabs to the side.  However, my efforts alone just aren’t enough to impact all of the kids in Atlanta.  It will take assistance and cooperation  from you, the village, to help spread this word.  Join me in being apart of this outstanding program. Help me bring that caring community to the children in Atlanta through Lemonade Day.

 I work with an amazing group of 10 other interns, and our goal is to expand to 11 new cities by Lemonade Day 2010…and it WILL be done!!!Keep up with what’s going on with Lemonade Day in Atlanta and the other new cities!

We invite you ATLANTA to be apart of something epic…It is coming Atlanta…are you ready?! Can’t wait to see all the wonderful kid entrepreneurs in Atlanta on May 2, 2010!!!

P.S. Another way to see what’s going on in ATL is by following me on Twitter: LDayFunAtlanta

Any suggestions, inquiries, or comments about Lemonade Day Atlanta can be directed to me at :


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