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I am super pumped!  Today was the first day I’d actually received contact from outsiders with serious interest in helping bring Lemonade Day to Denver.  Since I started here three weeks ago, I have fallen in love with this organization, which makes this contact all the more exciting.  The more I do, the more invested I become, the more I love talking about what a great thing this is.

A couple of weeks ago we had a lunch with the children in Houston who were the finalists in the Best Stand and Most Profitable Contests.  When we arrived, a few of us sat a table with two girls, a dad, and a grandpa.  One of the girls, who said she sang like Hannah Montana and wanted to grow up and be a pop star, was up for best stand – unbeknownst to her.

When we sat down we asked what awards they were up for and the girls’ eyes became so wide – they just thought they were there for pizza and cookies, not to get an award.  They ran up excitedly when their names were called to receive their certificates and then stood up on stage bouncing around waiting to get their pictures taken.

The girls were released and told to come back to the table to hear who the top 3 winners were.  Our little Hannah Montana stared at the speaker waiting to hear her name called while the other girl quietly talked about her stand to us.  Each time Hannah Montana didn’t hear her name she dramatically huffed and puffed and fanned her eyes about to cry.  Her dad said she was always a drama queen but, in her defense, she did seem a little upset.

Neither girl ended up winning a trophy, and both were pretty bummed about it.  However, when we reminded them that there is always next year to try again, even the quiet girl at our table started chatting with Hanna Montana, and with all of us, already making plans on how to improve their businesses on Lemonade Day 2010.  They were scoping out the competition – the kids who won the trophies — and were already talking about what they would change or do differently.

Seeing how much these girls cared about what they’d done and how much fun they’d had doing it, on top of how much they’d learned, I realized what a great program this is and how much it means to the kids.  Therefore, I will forge on contacting anyone and everyone who will help bring Lemonade Day to Denver.


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