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pixar-up_lI recently saw a movie called “UP”. Going into this movie, I thought it would just be a cute cartoon movie that would make me laugh just like any other cartoon movie that I had seen. However, Pixar presented a movie to me that cut to the core of the heart, and since I’m an emotional person, I shed a lot of tears right in the beginning. Thanks a lot Pixar!
The movie starts out by showing a young boy and a girl, Carl and Ellie, portraying their love story, their many adventures in life, the sad and happy times. Eventually the couple grows old, Ellie becomes very sick, and Carl loses his Ellie. (thats where the tears came pouring in)… After this great loss, Mr. Carl Fredrickson starts to become bitter and a resentful old man, isolating himself from society. One day Russell, a young boy scout, comes knocking on his door looking to earn a senior citizen badge. Pestering Mr. Fredrickson to let him help him, Carl in his slyness shoos him away. We find out later in the movie that upon earning this badge Russell will be awarded at a ceremony, where he hoped his father will show up and be proud of him.
Through a series of extraordinary and humorous events, Carl and Russell develop a relationship that is built on a foundation of learning life lessons and being able to let go of the past. At the end of the movie where Russell is finally able to obtain his senior citizen badge, his father did not show up, and the speaker announced to the audience, “Is there anyone who can stand up for Russell?” As Russell looks on hopelessly, Carl comes across the stage, “I will stand up with him”, and presents to him the “Ellie badge”, in memorium of his beloved wife, (and more tears). From there it shows them having adventures of a lifetime together, and making memories that Russell will carry with him long after Carl is gone.
You might be asking why I chose to write about this movie? Well, because I really saw the connection in this movie, about the desperate need of our youth who have no one to mentor them and the great need for mentors. Can you imagine Russell, having an absent father, ten years from now if Carl had not come into his life, or Carl who would have continued to become bitter if he did not have this young kid to bring life back to him?
Lemonade Day is this great program that provides the opportunities for mentoring. It provides for the creation of stories of people like Russell and Carl, it is valuable and meaningful for both. It is not just about selling lemonade. It is about someone caring enough to make a difference in a life that has never had any one there to make a real amazing difference in their life.
I know that every ones stories are different, but that is what is so great about life that we have different stories, it is what makes us as people so unique, so creative and most importantly so relational! We have this great opportunity to mentor someone to really make a difference in their lives, to give them a fighting chance and Lemonade day is a way to do just that! Looking back on your life wouldn’t you want to say that you made a difference in a precious life?
Wouldn’t you want to be the Carl that says, “I Will Stand Up”!!


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Lemonhead Siting! Hello, Dallas/Fort Worth!

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