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Why DO the DRILL ??

Ok…So today we had a fire drill at our office. We walked 18 floors through the stairway. Everyone was complaining about the heat, the walk, the alarm…the drill and everything. I was too… I mean seriously…If there was a fire we know we would run ..And so would everyone…Then why this drill…that too in the scorching heat … Well it reminded me of the Mann Gulch fire tragedy of 1949.which claimed lives of 13 smoke jumpers. We had a case study for one of our OB classes.

The foreman was new to the team, and so when he lit the escape fire and asked his team to drop their tools and run to the safe area…his team had no idea what he was talking about, they didn’t trust him. The team wasn’t prepared for the weather conditions and ran in the direction of the wind which blew up the fire faster and further. So we saw the video in our class and it made me think…hmmm everything is so obvious , fire will spread faster on the slope, it will be difficult climbing the slope, escape fire – which is formed by clearing out a area so that there is no more dry grass in the area and you can stand there safely..makes sense….. Then why didn’t the FIRE FIGHTERS of the all the people knew??  Well simply because they were not prepared, the team was new, and they didn’t trust their leader.

Well we can’t predict our future accurately but we sure can prepare for it, plan for it. The fire drill was just a preparation for a mishap. But it’s not only the mishaps that need preparedness. For a better future, brighter tomorrow , we need to be prepared too. And that’s exactly what we are doing here at Lemonade day…. Investing in your future today. Check more about us at http://www.Lemonadeday.org


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