A Vision…

July 22, 2009 at 9:48 pm Leave a comment

As I sit here building these lists at my desk, they almost seem exhaustive, inputting name after name, researching, contacting, conference calls, getting everything that is necessary to make Lemonade Day pull off, and at times with all of this it can be somewhat overwhelming…..

          But then I remind myself of these amazing stories that came out of Lemonade Day and how it impacted the lives of these youth who participated.

          One of those stories was a little girl who never had a new dress for fifth grade graduation. This little girl was very special, because you see her parents were incarcerated,  she was living with a grandparent, and she was two years behind in school.

 A school counselor saw the impact this program could make in her life and decided to become her mentor and investor. They did the program together and on  Lemonade Day she made $129.00, paid back her investor, and bought a dress and new shoes for graduation. The amazing thing is the story does not end there with just the dress. Because this little girl felt empowered from this one event, she decided to enroll in an accelerated program to get her to the grade level she needed to be at, and now she is currently where she needs to be.

          Can you imagine stories like this all across America? A community coming together to help those who are in need of someone to tell them that they matter and they have the abilities to be great? A simple program like Lemonade Day can provide that needed self-esteem and be a starting foundation for building the essential life skills to be successful in life, such as self-esteem, confidence, and empowerment.

         To have stories such as the one above we need people to be willing , and to be  involved. Most of all we need people to see the “Vision” that goes beyond Lemonade Day. A Vision that reaches to make a difference in the lives of all youth….

Do you see it?


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