I’m a bad blogger.

July 23, 2009 at 2:43 pm Leave a comment

So it turns out that I’m horrible at keeping up with a blog, but the wheels are starting to turn and I am excited — so I wanted to share. We’ve had a few Denver area companies come on to say, “I’d love to help — what can we do?” and the more I hear from these people, the more I realize that Lemonade Day in Denver is going to happen and it will be amazing and I will have played a part in making it happen which is an awesome feeling.

I got a phone call this morning from a man who has done some great things in Denver and he mentioned us in an interview he had with the Denver Business Journal which is so awesome — hopefully we make the cut.  He’s got some ideas of people I’ve probably never even run across in all my research who might also like to get involved so, maybe, here comes that snowball effect?

At first it seemed like I was getting a good grasp of the city through my online research, but as we go on, I realize how difficult it really is to do that and know who I should be talking to just based on websites.  Yesterday, I spoke with @JuniorBiz who is based in Colorado, and he gave us some great ideas of some companies who do a lot of philanthropic work in Denver — I’d never even heard of one and the one I had heard of, I had know idea they were based in Colorado.

As we’re getting busier and going back and forth with more people, it’s interesting to see that six degrees of separation build for all of us on our cities.  I’m loving the enthusiasm I get from the people who respond to my outreach for their participation in our program.  It really is a great thing to see and it makes me want to continue doing work like this in the future.  I think this job is changing me (for the better, of course). 🙂



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A Vision… A Taste of the Sweet Life

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