Lemonade Day Available to Every Youth in Nation

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Meadow Bob at Boys and Girls Country of Houston

In the wee hours of the morning … or late last night, we received a wonderful shout out in the Wall Street Journal;  a piece about youth entrepreneurship when summer jobs for teens were expected to still not recover from record lows. Of course, Lemonade Day was created to teach youth how to be their own boss; how to own a business; how to thrive when it seems the odds and economy are stacked against them.

We have a goal here. We want to reach 1 million stands on one day across the nation in 100 cities in 2013. And every year, everyday in fact, we get a little closer to that goal. This year we will be in 31 cities with an estimated 120,000 stands across the country. It takes a village, or rather a city … to launch Lemonade Day though. It takes a passionate team of citizens, local government, and support from businesses in each city to produce the program. I get the question alot, “Oh, so this isn’t just about a lemonade stand?” No. It’s about teaching our future  teachers, clothing designers, CEO’s and entrepreneurs how to excel in life. It’s a simple idea with a powerful outcome that can positively effect every child in America. And the world.

Everyday we get calls from around the country from parents, teachers, youth groups and more asking how their youth can participate because Lemonade Day isn’t yet in their city. So this year … this WEEK in fact, we launched an individual participation program. Youth and their Caring Adult who are in a city that doesn’t yet have Lemonade Day can register to participate nationally at http://lemonadeday.tenderbranch.com.

“WHOA! WAIT! I thought you said Lemonade Day was a free program? How come I have to pay $10 just because my city hasn’t caught wind of this awesome program yet?”

When a city takes on the Lemonade Day program, they take on the costs of backpacks, curriculum, materials and support in their community. Lemonade Day does not yet have a national sponsor or partner to help underwrite these costs for youth in non-participating cities. [If you know someone, though, by all means give us a shout!] To give access to the program for everyone in the country, we are charging the costs of the material plus shipping. We chose not to “mark up” those costs but instead provide the most affordable way to universally access the program.

In the coming weeks we’ll be sending out lessons to our newsletter subscribers [Sign up!] and Lemonaders that follow the workbook lessons. We want to ensure your success as entrepreneurs. We want to share your story so millions can be inspired – like Meadow and her snow-cone stand. Send your stories, photos and videos to mystory@lemonadeday.org.

For more information on Lemonade Day and to register your youth, please visit LemonadeDay.org


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