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A day we will never forget

Dear Michael,

Before I turned all the remaining lights out I had to tell you, thank you.

What an amazing experience today was for me… to sponsor 4 young girls, ages 10-15  and watch them flourish as they invited and convinced various groups of park goers to taste and buy a glass of their “special’ lemonade.

The girls chose as their charity Texas Children’s Hospital and toward the end of the day a very skinny and shy young boy on his bike with his Mom…just happened to stop by and ask us what and who we were. As if anything, just happens…anyway, this very special young man who was soft spoken pulled his bike up right to our stand- as his mother hesitated- so tangible was her discomfort  we all could sense it and wondered why. When he looked closer at our sign and heard about the reason we were selling lemonade and what charity- he told his mom firmly that he wanted to buy a glass from us. As we poured one for him the girls also gave one to his mother who was a bit stand offish and would not engage other than to say, thank you for the lemonade.  After he told us his story we realized why…He told us that he, in fact, was waiting for a donor in order to have a heart transplant as soon as possible to take place at Texas Children’s Hospital.

Well, this squarely brought home to our young entrepreneurs the message of hard work and charity in a way that NONE of us will ever forget. The girls are going to give their donation to Texas Children’s Hospital in his name.

I know that we will tell this story many more times and with gratitude for a day that changed all our lives forever.

Lemonade Day was a day that we will never forget.

Thank you,

Curry Glassell

We recently got to sit down with these girls and talk to them … there’s even a song


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Lemonade Day Goes to Ronald McDonald House

From Kenny The Awesome Intern:

As you may recall, Alex Ingle is a 6th grader at Burlington Christian Academy in North Carolina. He receives treatment for his cancer at the MD Anderson Cancer Center in Houston. With our headquarters located in Houston, Lemonade Day contacted Ms. Ingle to check if Alex was in town. Luckily, he was!

With the help of the Ronald McDonald House, we were able to set up a time to meet with the Ingles before they left for the airport. Ronald McDonald House intern, Nicole, even took pictures of the whole event.  Imperial Sugar showed up with t-shirts and other goodies for the whole family!

Crave Cupcakes was generous enough to donate dozens of cupcakes for everyone at Ronald McDonald House!

Nicole loves Crave Cupcakes!

Even Lemon Head was there to meet Alex and play with all of the children at Ronald McDonald House.

Decked out in Duke gear from head to toe, Alex was thrilled when he received a Duke University basketball book from Lemonade Day.

Thank you to everyone who helped and gave support to Alex and his family. It was truly a special and memorable day for everyone involved.  Alex will be back in Houston for more treatment in September.

Sharing all your tweets, posts and comments with Alex!

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We get to meet the Ingles!

This summer we have some amazing interns. I’ve been lucky enough to work with Kenny on collecting and archiving stories that have come in.  I asked him to write about his favourite so far and he immediately knew he wanted to share the Ingle’s story. By sheer coincidence, Alex is in town RIGHT NOW and his family has agreed to let us meet him. Show your support and encouragement for Alex and his family by posting here, tweeting or posting on facebook your messages using #lemonadelove and we’ll share with him tomorrow.  Read his story below and I think you’ll understand why we are so excited to meet Alex and his family …

Written by Kenny Orchard

Throughout my short time working with Lemonade Day, I have read many heart- warming stories that truly show the impact the program has on communities. One story that stands out came from a small town in North Carolina.

Above: Alex Ingle stands with his mother Vickie, father Brad, sister Molly and dogs Buster and Beethoven at their home Wednesday. (Photo by Scott Muthersbaugh)

Alex Ingle, a 6th grader at Burlington Christian Academy, was always an upbeat and energetic kid. In 2009, Alex was diagnosed with a very rare and dangerous type of cancer. The Ingles were heart- broken. The disease not only came as a tragedy to the family, but also touched the entire community in a major way. What happened next was truly inspirational.

Alex seemed to have won the fight in November of 2010, but suddenly relapsed in December. His mother was heartbroken once again, writing, “My heart is broke. Alex has relapsed in a major way. He has hot spots in five different areas of his body. We need prayers and a miracle.”

Burlington Christian Academy decided to lend support to the Ingles. Alex was part of the BCA community. They were not going to have a member of their community fight this battle on his own. The school held multiple events in order to raise money for the family. The community also directly showed their support by babysitting the younger sister and cooking meals. When the teachers and students of BCA found out about Lemonade Day, they were all thrilled to be able to raise more money for Alex and his family. The kids worked hard finding investors, building their stands, making the lemonade; all trying to make the most money they could for their suffering friend. The school ended up raising a total of $3,800 for the Ingles.

The director of student ministries at BCA, Cathy Moffett, reported that Lemonade Day “was a wonderful outpouring of love for that family.”

The mother of a 1st grader at BCA stated, “This program taught her [daughter] quite a bit about starting her own business, but even more about extending a hand to those in need; and for that, as a parent, I am truly grateful.”

I think it is incredible how one program can have the power to gather an entire community and get them to aid a family in such a major way. The donation was a huge success. The money helped Alex pay for travel costs to the MD Anderson Cancer Center in Houston, where he currently is being treated. I am proud to be a part of a program that had such a positive effect on the Ingles and the entire community of Burlington Christian Academy. Lemonade Day exemplified how it can have a direct impact in helping Alex and his family, but how it also taught kids that giving to those in need is an essential skill in life. Though it is not capable of curing Alex’s disease, Lemonade Day gives hope to a family and a community, who simply wants one thing: a happy and healthy child and friend. I believe this program has the ability to repeat this life-changing outcome on hundreds of thousands of people across America.

UPDATE: I just found out that Alex Ingle and his family are currently in Houston undergoing treatment. I have arranged to meet them tomorrow. I would love to share your well wishes with the Ingles. Please comment here, tweet, post on our facebook page your encouragement using #lemonadelove and I will share your notes with the family.

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Lemonade Day and Asperger

A Story From Indianapolis:

Gabe is 7 and autistic. He has Asperger Syndrome and rarely shows personal interest in community activities. So you can imagine how excited his mother was when Gabe told her he wanted to participate in Lemonade Day. Since Gabe gets easily distracted and wanders off, they chose to do their stand in their yard. Luckily, there was a church right across the street and Lemonade Day was on a Sunday so they were able to sell to church patrons entering and leaving services.

From Gabe’s mom before Lemonade Day:

“Why should you buy our lemonade? BECAUSE- 1) it will be homemade from scratch. We will buy fresh lemonade from local store, and will make them with our own hands! It will be all natural! Just like Gabe!! 2) the more people that come and buy his lemonade, the more he will get excited by people’s response AND he will get to learn how to properly interact with others while he is doing his first business as a young entrepreneur! He is high-functioning and a bit awkward in social setting, but he is trying his best to improve himself! and 3) it will be a wonderful learning experience for him in terms of business, social and interpersonal skills, and getting out of his own shell and meet others! SOOOOOOO, come out and meet us and most of all, buy our lemonade! You will be greeted by Gabe’s bright smile and excitement AND taste and fall in love with his special all natural lemonade!”

And a note the day after Lemonade Day:
“I wanted to thank you for having stopping by yesterday. Gabe got really excited, and the first thing he said to his principal was, “All the people came with a camera and bought my lemonade!” He was very happy yesterday. We immediately started to talk about how to build a real lemonade stand and expand the business next year! The boys had so much of fun.”

Why is Lemonade Day such a successful program? Very simply … kids ‘get it’; they learn how to set a goal, make a plan, work the plan and reach their goal. It is experiential, rewarding and can translate to any language, age, demographic, child and community. We do more than tell them they can be anything they want to be – we show them it’s possible.

To learn more about this program and how to bring Lemonade Day to your city visit

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A note from Mom…

Nicholas’s mom sent Lemonade Day a note of thanks. I just had to share their story.

From: Laura
To: Lemonade Day

In 2010, Nicholas did a neighborhood lemonade stand and liked the idea (It was fun and profitable!) At that time, we had a conversation with him about if he did it again, he should consider donating the money to a good cause. Not too long after that we were at the Houston Zoo where they were signing people up for Lemonade Day 2010. He wanted to sign up. We suggested to him that he approach our church to see if he could do it there and donate the money to the church. He was eight at the time. (Lemonade Day was actually on his birthday!)  We did pave the way but had him set up a time to meet with our Children’s Minister to discuss the details and logistics. Using the materials Lemonade Day provided, he came up with a list of questions and points for discussion for this meeting and came up with a plan to get the other youth involved. They also decided together how the money could best be used. He wrote a paragraph for the church newsletter, created sign-up sheets and talked about it during Sunday School in order to recruit other kids.

He got a great response! The kids all had a blast and they raised just under $200 dollars that was used to purchase supplies for Vacation Bible School. I was really proud of him for making that choice! By donating it to VBS, he got his name on the back of the shirt which was very cool for him but was never even a consideration in his mind.

There was no doubt in his mind that he wanted to participate in Lemonade Day 2011.

In February, our church family lost a wonderful woman, who was the mother of two young children, to breast cancer.  The church established a trust fund for the children. This year, Nicholas knew immediately he wanted the Lemonade Day money to go to the children’s trust fund. Once again, we worked with the Children’s Minister. She has been so supportive! Based on the fun and success of last year, we had no trouble getting the other children involved again. They helped make posters to advertise and signed up for shifts to help sell.

This year the stand tripled its profits! Through the wonderful support of the congregation the Lemonade Stand raised $621.12 for the Children’s Fund!  (All supplies were in-kind donations so all money raised goes straight to the cause!) He presented the check to the family this past Sunday during the service.  It was a powerful experience.

One of the things Nicholas mentioned learning after this year’s experience is that he is happy to be behind the scenes.  He likes the creative planning part and the process of coordinating others.  Then, he is perfectly happy and more comfortable to let others get out front and sell while he works in the background.

We are hoping that each year Nicholas will grow a little more and do a little more.  As I mentioned last summer, he has some real social difficulties due to a neurological difference he has. I worry about him a lot!  Being so shy and anxious it is such a great leadership opportunity for him and all the kids just love it! Thank you to your organization for providing him with this opportunity. Experiences like this are so amazing for him and give me so much hope!

In my short 5 months with Lemonade Day I have probably heard 50 stories. I’m continually inspired by our youth’s generosity and resilience. And it’s my hope that this program can give youth who may be struggling in life like Nicholas the tools they need to be more successful, as well as transform our future as a country.

Thank you for sharing your story with me, Laura.



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Ally’s Pictures Worth a Thousand Words

A Lemonade Story in Pictures

7 year old Ally is from Austin, Texas and as a 3-year Lemonade Day entrepreneur has a lot of success to celebrate and best practices to share. Last year Ally sold $705.00 and was awarded the #1 Stand Award for the Austin area.  So this year Ally increased her goal to sell $1,000, which she exceeded by selling a whopping total of $1,435.15!

Ally takes pride that 50% of her profits go to the Lance Armstrong Foundation in her Grandmothers (Gaga’s) name who died of cancer in 2009.  In 2010, Ally donated a total of $250.00 and in 2011, Ally will donate $700.00!  LAF has even invited Ally to their all company meeting where she presents her donation – awesome stuff!

Ally’s got a knack for marketing for sure! She used social media and marketing through her school and social activities. She even has her own facebook group for Ally’s Lemonade Stand!

But that’s not all – this entrepreneur even adds merchandise sales!  Ally proudly sold bright yellow tee shirts that have her logo on the front and “selling lemonade since 2009” on the back.  This year the Lance Armstrong Foundation provided Ally with Livestrong bracelets to give to all her customers that not only helped raise some money for herself, but also provided customers to donate to LAF.

2011 Highlights:

  • Ally’s teacher and many classmates came to help her
  • Ally got to announce her results to the entire Bridge Point elementary
  • With some of the money she earned Ally got to buy the Nintendo game she wanted
  • But probably the best … being the “boss” of her 4 year old little sister Katie.

A note from her dad:

On a personal note, Ally is naturally a shy girl and slowly “coming out of her shell.”  I think this process; combined with planting the “entrepreneurial seed” will be fundamental to her success as she matures.  Multiple times last year, Ally mentioned that she wanted to “go sell something” to have some money (tea leaves of success) which I attribute to the mission of Lemonade Day.

Congrats to Ally and the over 12,000 youth who participated in Austin’s Lemonade Day this year on May 1. You are an inspiration to all of us.

To learn more about Lemonade Day in Austin, please visit Share your story with us

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Shea’s Lemonade Rocks! $2,452.34 and counting …

It’s been a busy few weeks here in Lemonade Land. We’ve had 21 Lemonade Days throughout the country [and Canada!] in just 10 days … still 10 more Lemonade Days to go! . . . not to mention the countless independent stands popping up in cities around the globe.

Today we follow-up with our enterprising entrepreneur, Shea. We have been following Shea for months now. If you need a refresher course: Shea wrote Donald Trump requesting his help as an investor and permission to have her stand on his golf course. After no response, Shea went to Plan B and secured a location at her favorite local restaurant in Haymarket, VA. She chose her charity as the Twin Towers Initiative and the National Law Enforcement Museum. The charities and community rallied Shea’s cause and soon she was at the Police Ski Championships for a kick off where she raised over $1,000 for her charities EVEN BEFORE LEMONADE DAY!

Shea held her Lemonade Day stand on National Lemonade Day, May 1. But first, I want to share a note of thank her father sent to their supporters on May 2:

How ironic that we all gathered yesterday [at Shea’s lemonade stand] to honor the 72 Law Enforcement Officers who lost their lives in the Twin Towers on 9/11 while at the same time our Country’s resources were taking out the main person responsible for the loss of those lives.  We would to thank each of you for coming out yesterday to support Shea‘s lemonade stand in honor of those fallen LEOs.  It was a great success just by the attendance alone.  However, Shea was able to raise over $1,345.00 yesterday from the sale of lemonade, t-shirts and additional contributions.

Last night’s news of Osama Bin Laden’s fate hopefully can start the closure for the families and friends of those who lost loved ones, friends and co-workers on 9/11.  However, no one should ever forget those who perished on that date including the 72 LEOs who bravely sacrificed their lives in their attempt to rescue the many still trapped inside the Twin Towers.  I am very proud of my daughter’s effort to honor those LEOs with her lemonade stand proceeds going to the Twin Towers Initiative that will be displayed at the National Law Enforcement Museum located in WDC.”


There was a tremendous turnout from the community including law enforcement, firefighters and media.

The weather wasn’t perfect, but Shea had a great turnout.  Everyone had a blast … her school principal even stopped by.  When the local newspaper reporter asked what she was saving for, Shea responded that she was saving to go visit her best friend in Houston.

Shea made three different kinds of lemonade:

  1. Strawberry
  2. Pink
  3. Regular

Shea MADE a total of 16.5 gallons of lemonade

  1. 4.5 gallons of Strawberry Lemonade
  2. 4.0 gallons of Pink Lemonade
  3. 8.0 gallons of Regular Lemonade

Shea SOLD 15.5 gallons of lemonade or 248 cups!!!  (Thirsty people)

  1. 4.0 gallons of Strawberry Lemonade (64 cups)
  2. 4.0 gallons of Pink (64 cups)
  3. 7.5 gallons of Regular Lemonade (120 cups)

LEMONADE SALES – Shea sold 248 cups:

  1. 34 customers purchased qty 1 cup for $3 = $102
  2. 107 customers purchased qty 2 cups for $5 = $535
  3. Total Lemonade Sales:  $637


  1.  10 customers purchased qty 1 shirt for $15 = $150
  2. 12 customers purchased qty 2 shirts for $25 = $300
  3. Total T-Shirt Sales:  $450


1.        Tips and charitable contributions = $562.50

$1649.50 – total raised

$  190.99 – less costs

$    29.17 – Shea’s piggy bank (2%)

$1429.34 – DONATED TO TWIN TOWERS INITIATIVE/NLEOMF for the Law Enforcement Museum 

That’s a total of $2,452.34 thus far for charity.  (She already donated $1023.00 from her “kick-off” at a police event in March).  She’s now off to Police Week.  Her stand will be outside the NLEOMF retail store at the corner of E Street NW and 4th Street on May 12 from 3-6 pm when the Blue Valor and Police Unity tours arrive in DC from Ground Zero in NY.

Shea is an inspiration to entrepreneurs and philanthropists around the globe. Learning at 6 years old about investors, site location, banking, giving back and so much more. Do you know someone who participated in Lemonade Day? Do you have a story of an enterprising entrepreneur to share? Share your story with us

To find out if Lemonade Day is in your city visit

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