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Lemonade Day and Asperger

A Story From Indianapolis:

Gabe is 7 and autistic. He has Asperger Syndrome and rarely shows personal interest in community activities. So you can imagine how excited his mother was when Gabe told her he wanted to participate in Lemonade Day. Since Gabe gets easily distracted and wanders off, they chose to do their stand in their yard. Luckily, there was a church right across the street and Lemonade Day was on a Sunday so they were able to sell to church patrons entering and leaving services.

From Gabe’s mom before Lemonade Day:

“Why should you buy our lemonade? BECAUSE- 1) it will be homemade from scratch. We will buy fresh lemonade from local store, and will make them with our own hands! It will be all natural! Just like Gabe!! 2) the more people that come and buy his lemonade, the more he will get excited by people’s response AND he will get to learn how to properly interact with others while he is doing his first business as a young entrepreneur! He is high-functioning and a bit awkward in social setting, but he is trying his best to improve himself! and 3) it will be a wonderful learning experience for him in terms of business, social and interpersonal skills, and getting out of his own shell and meet others! SOOOOOOO, come out and meet us and most of all, buy our lemonade! You will be greeted by Gabe’s bright smile and excitement AND taste and fall in love with his special all natural lemonade!”

And a note the day after Lemonade Day:
“I wanted to thank you for having stopping by yesterday. Gabe got really excited, and the first thing he said to his principal was, “All the people came with a camera and bought my lemonade!” He was very happy yesterday. We immediately started to talk about how to build a real lemonade stand and expand the business next year! The boys had so much of fun.”

Why is Lemonade Day such a successful program? Very simply … kids ‘get it’; they learn how to set a goal, make a plan, work the plan and reach their goal. It is experiential, rewarding and can translate to any language, age, demographic, child and community. We do more than tell them they can be anything they want to be – we show them it’s possible.

To learn more about this program and how to bring Lemonade Day to your city visit

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