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Will Donald Trump Let Shea Set Up A Lemonade Stand?

Meet Shea – she’s a 6 year old student who has an awesome plan for her Lemonade Day stand. Her mom has agreed to let me tell you her story. I’ll share her journey over the next 3 months. If you have a story to share – drop me a note at

Over the holidays Shea’s mom and dad took the opportunity to teach Shea that the holidays were more than just presents and that there were lots of children that didn’t receive presents which really struck a chord with Shea. She started to ask about ways she could help beyond donating personal items. That’s when Shea decided to do a Lemonade Day stand to help others. Shea knew about  Lemonade Day because she had participated in Texas last year through the YMCA afterschool program but the family has since relocated.

Since that decision every day is spent planning her lemonade stand following the Lemonade Day workbook:  stand design, location, who’s dressing as lemons, aprons and who’s coming to her stand.  In developing her business plan Shea had some great ideas on investors,  location and marketing so she decided to write some letters to a few people including Donald Trump, Ellen DeGeneres and Barack Obama. [She was fortunate enough to visit The White House and even pet the First Dog, Bo last month.]

Shea just finished her letter to Donald Trump and sent it over to us. I just had to share. She’s still choosing her charity but is leaning towards The Twin Towers Initiative which honors the 72 police officers killed in 9/11 and raises funds for the new Law Enforcement Museum in D.C.

And yes, she did catch a couple of episodes of The Apprentice.

Dear Mr. Trump,

My name is Shea.  I am 6 years old.  I am in first grade at Elementary school in Virginia.  I am a quality student.   I am writing to you because I am learning about money.

On May 1, 2011 I am going to be part of National Lemonade Day and have my very own lemonade stand.   My dad is building it.  My mom is helping me with stuff like how much money I need from my piggy bank and finding the perfect spot for my stand and asking The Giant to donate lemons and writing to you.

Can I set up my lemonade stand at your golf course in Sterling Virginia?  I want to make a lot of money.  I pinky promise to pay back everyone who helps me.  They are called investors.  I will put some money back in my piggy bank.  I will donate the rest.

I can’t get a cell phone until I am10 years old but you can call my mom’s phone  XXX-XXX-XXXX.  I get home from school at 4 o’clock.  I have gymnastics on Tuesdays and Thursdays but I will tell my mom that I need to talk to you when you call.

Your future apprentice,


With future entrepreneurs and philanthropists like Shea, I’m so excited about our future. Tune in next week to check in on Shea’s progress. And if you are Donald Trump reading this – we hope you allow Shea to set up her Lemonade Day stand on your golf course.

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From Piggy Bank to Savings Account

How old were you when you started your first bank account?

Maybe you opened an account after nabbing your first job. Or you were lucky enough to start saving as a kid in your own savings account.

That’s exactly what young Lemonade Day entrepreneurs are encouraged to do.

Why start a savings account? The Lemonade Day Entrepreneur Workbook shares three benefits for youth:

  1. Earn money on your money.
  2. Keep your money safe.
  3. Become your own investor for next year’s Lemonade Day.

Frugal Dad talks about the process of starting a savings account for his daughter. While he had been making deposits for her in an online bank, he decided to take a trip with her to a physical bank. For the psychological impact of the experience, he writes.

Read the comments from other parents on Frugal Dad’s post. Parent Bill Dwight started the FamZoo Virtual Family Bank to teach youth about finances. Another parent, Kyle C., shares how his 3-year-old collects change in a piggy bank and makes a deposit on his birthday. / CC BY-NC-ND 2.0

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The numbers.

This past week my focus has been finding all of the schools in the Chicagoland area. The process has been rigorous but so enlightening. As I found more and more schools my enthusiasm grew more for lemonade day. With each school found there is potential to reach even more children, which is the whole point of Lemonade Day. The sheer number of students and places of education is my push to make Lemonade Day Chicago as big of a success as possible.

There is potential to reach hundred of thousands of kids. With lemonade day the children experience the opportunity of being successful by making their own business decisions, creating their own lemonade product and making their own money. These aspects will stick with the youth for a life time and best of all it will encourage them to contribute to the success of themselves and the success of our country. The number of children that need an uplifting program like Lemonade Day is enormous and it is my personal goal to maximize the amount of youth touched by Lemonade Day.

I hope that you will continue to follow Lemonade Day as it grows stronger and stronger across the nation. Lemonade Day is coming and there is no stopping us!

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Hello World….

YEEC Founders (L-R): James Smith, Aaron Reid, * Jason Johnson at the "Hello World" Showcase in Atlanta
YEEC Founders (L-R): James Smith, Aaron Reid, * Jason Johnson at the “Hello World” Showcase in Atlanta

I stumbled upon the Young Entrepreneur Empowerment Coalition (YEEC) while researching youth entrepreneurship organizations in Atlanta.  I had actually read about their “Hello World” Showcase event months ago, and seen them pop up in numerous industry blogs, so when I came across them again last week I decided to take a closer look at their organization.  Needless to say, I am impressed.   Aaron Reid, son of music mogul and industry veteran L.A. Reid and singer/songwriter Pebbles, along with James Smith and Jason Johnson have launched something that I believe is on the way to being extraordinary.  These three young men have an entrepreneurial spirit out of this world. 

YEEC is a coalition of young entrepreneurs, actors, producers, artist, models, djs, and musicians united to become the influential agent for social change amongst youth (  Targeting 14-25 year olds, The Young Entrepreneur empowerment coalition seeks to empower new voices and leaders through activism, financial literacy, and industry mentorship, with a mission to help today’s youth become tomorrow’s successful leaders.  Congratulations to these young men who will work to inspire the next generation of successful and prosperous industry moguls and entrepreneurs! So sad I missed the “Hello World” Launch, I am definitely going to try and attend an even next time I’m in Atlanta.

So…what does this have to do with Lemonade Day?  Well, just as YEEC is hoping to inspire new age entrepreneurs in the entertainment industry with participation of the entire hip hop community, Lemonade Day is sweeping the nation by inspiring an entire generation of children to be entrepreneurs with help from their communities.  Everyone has a role in Lemonade Day, whether it is through selling lemonade, buying lemonade, volunteering, or advocacy. 

Children are trained in the fundamentals of business and financial management, learn to set goals, develop a business plan, establish a budget, seek investors, provide customer service, and give back to the community…all through something as simple as running their very own lemonade stand.  In all honesty, you just can’t beat that…..

As we begin to actually have more and more contact with supporters, potential sponsors, partners and etc. in our perspective cities, you can truly feel the enthusiasm and buzz throughout the office. Everyone gets a boost from knowing that our excitement is spreading to others who hear about our amazing program.  We are far from being finished, but we are so pumped about seeing things gradually fall into place.  It is evident early on that when Lemonade Day comes to fruition in each of our cities, we are making sure that it will be a HUGE success. 

Every day that I come into the office my excitement builds. Often times when I leave the office my work follows me home, but I can honestly say I don’t mind.  At the end of a very busy day, I know I’m truly making a difference.  GET EXCITED ATLANTA! Let’s get ready to encourage a new generation of kid entrepreneurs in your city!  After all…Forbes did rank Atlanta one of the top 5 cities/metro areas to launch a business.  I predict thousands of new businesses on May 2, 2010. =)

*Feel free to contact me at with any questions, suggestions, or concerns.  Don’t forget to follow me and Lemonade Day Atlanta’s progress on Twitter!

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