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The numbers.

This past week my focus has beenĀ findingĀ all of the schools in the Chicagoland area. The process has been rigorous but so enlightening. As I found more and more schools my enthusiasm grew more for lemonade day. With each school found there is potential to reach even more children, which is the whole point of Lemonade Day. The sheer number of students and places of education is my push to make Lemonade Day Chicago as big of a success as possible.

There is potential to reach hundred of thousands of kids. With lemonade day the children experience the opportunity of being successful by making their own business decisions, creating their own lemonade product and making their own money. These aspects will stick with the youth for a life time and best of all it will encourage them to contribute to the success of themselves and the success of our country. The number of children that need an uplifting program like Lemonade Day is enormous and it is my personal goal to maximize the amount of youth touched by Lemonade Day.

I hope that you will continue to follow Lemonade Day as it grows stronger and stronger across the nation. Lemonade Day is coming and there is no stopping us!

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