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Ally’s Pictures Worth a Thousand Words

A Lemonade Story in Pictures

7 year old Ally is from Austin, Texas and as a 3-year Lemonade Day entrepreneur has a lot of success to celebrate and best practices to share. Last year Ally sold $705.00 and was awarded the #1 Stand Award for the Austin area.  So this year Ally increased her goal to sell $1,000, which she exceeded by selling a whopping total of $1,435.15!

Ally takes pride that 50% of her profits go to the Lance Armstrong Foundation in her Grandmothers (Gaga’s) name who died of cancer in 2009.  In 2010, Ally donated a total of $250.00 and in 2011, Ally will donate $700.00!  LAF has even invited Ally to their all company meeting where she presents her donation – awesome stuff!

Ally’s got a knack for marketing for sure! She used social media and marketing through her school and social activities. She even has her own facebook group for Ally’s Lemonade Stand!

But that’s not all – this entrepreneur even adds merchandise sales!  Ally proudly sold bright yellow tee shirts that have her logo on the front and “selling lemonade since 2009” on the back.  This year the Lance Armstrong Foundation provided Ally with Livestrong bracelets to give to all her customers that not only helped raise some money for herself, but also provided customers to donate to LAF.

2011 Highlights:

  • Ally’s teacher and many classmates came to help her
  • Ally got to announce her results to the entire Bridge Point elementary
  • With some of the money she earned Ally got to buy the Nintendo game she wanted
  • But probably the best … being the “boss” of her 4 year old little sister Katie.

A note from her dad:

On a personal note, Ally is naturally a shy girl and slowly “coming out of her shell.”  I think this process; combined with planting the “entrepreneurial seed” will be fundamental to her success as she matures.  Multiple times last year, Ally mentioned that she wanted to “go sell something” to have some money (tea leaves of success) which I attribute to the mission of Lemonade Day.

Congrats to Ally and the over 12,000 youth who participated in Austin’s Lemonade Day this year on May 1. You are an inspiration to all of us.

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