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Young Somali immigrants learn from Lisa

By Lisa Valentine – Marketing Manager for PowerPay

I have experience in mentoring kids here in the Portland, Maine community, so I was happy to step up to a new and unique opportunity that presented itself with Lemonade Day Maine!

It began with a great partnership that was formed between my company and Lemonade Day Maine where we proudly sponsor the Entrepreneurial Backpacks. After speaking with Kate Krukowski-Gooding, the Executive Director here in Maine for Lemonade Day, an opportunity was presented to me. Would I be interested in coaching kids from the Root Cellar in creating their lemonade stand? Tying my company’s sponsorship with this fantastic organization AND my interest in mentoring kids-I couldn’t say no!

My coaching sessions are taking place weekly with four of the kids of the Root Cellar.  The Root Cellar is a wonderful non-profit here in Portland that provides, among many support services, an after school resource for kids who have immigrated here from Africa nations-many of which are experiencing severe civil, economic and social turmoil.

Our first week tackled topics such as goal setting and finding investors. The kids, all between the ages of 9 and 11, were great with setting their goals-some of which ranged from purchasing Nike shoes for their brother to marrying Justin Bieber! The investors will be an important component to helping the kids meet their goals so I’m excited to hear about the progress they made this past week.

Another piece of this fantastic project is the actual building of the lemonade stand. Once I work out the details with the kids, I’ll then be working closely with my dad on building the stand – just as the kids have envisioned it!

I’m looking forward to the weekly mentoring sessions leading up to Lemonade Day Maine on Sunday, June 5th and working with the kids and the Root Cellar on this great initiative and entrepreneurial learning opportunity. I have a sneaky suspicion that I’ll get as much out of this wonderful opportunity as the kids!

Lemonade Day will be held in 31 cities across America this year and is made possible by generous organizations, individuals, and businesses like Lisa Valentine and PowerPay.

Learn more about Lemonade Day in your city by visiting Our Cities page and locating your community. Can’t find your community? Participate as an individual or learn how to bring Lemonade Day to your city next year.


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