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Penn State + Google help Lemonade Day!

It’s so great working at Lemonade Day. Literally every day I hear a heart-warming new story — a child who has found purpose and been inspired by setting up their first business; a future entrepreneur who wants Donald Trump to review their business plan . . . and so many that want to know how they can get involved. And what’s awesome? I’m in charge of sharing those stories with you [more on that later though].

Today’s story is about a college student and google. Once upon a time, I received an email from Brian Scott, a  junior marketing major and business student at Pennsylvania State University, who was so inspired by how Lemonade Day transforms children into business owners he wanted to share our story with the world. In his own words . . .

“While in my class taught by Dr. Robert Macy, he was discussing the GCEC conference that was held at Penn State University. In this discussion he mentioned Lemonade Day and my interest was peaked immediately. It was awesome to hear stories of how much money they made and examples of how creative the children who went through the Lemonade Day program were at making lemonade stands.

Not long after this I would be chosen by the Penn State Marketing Association to be the project manager for the Google Online Marketing Challenge. Lemonade Day came to mind. My team consisting of Amy Hicks, Christopher Murray, Brian Ongeri, Jessica Erb, Patrick Gilbert, and myself also loved what Lemonade Day did for participating children.  As business students who are interested in entrepreneurship we inevitably decided we wanted to work with the Lemonade Day to create a Google Adwords campaign for the organization in hopes to spread the word about the cause. Making the campaign as best as possible will benefit both sides tremendously since Lemonade Day will receive online marketing and the competition team will gain valuable experience and hopefully the satisfaction and recognition of winning the competition.”

Thanks Brian and your team! You’ve already won in our minds and I’m sure we’ll beat the competition and spread the Lemonade message all over the world wide web!


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