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Happy Friday!

Wednesday we attempted to find the wittiest fan through a caption contest on our facebook page. It’s something we dubbed Witty Words Wednesday and we think it will make an appearance pretty regularly given all the awesome photos we get of young entrepreneurs.

photo credit: Jeff Jowdy/Jowdy Photography

So … who’s the winner of our first ever Witty Words Wednesday?

Brian I. Block: “All those in favor of creating cars that use fewer fossil fuels and more lemonade, say aye!”

With a close 2nd tie by Merritt Shivitz’s “Their future is so bright they need shades” and DeNae Femme Fatale’s “We’re getting Lemonade Wasted!”

Thanks for playing along! Check back next week on our facebook to see if you can claim the throne of Wittiest in All the Land!

August 5, 2011 at 2:10 pm 2 comments

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