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What does Lemonade Day Mean…

This afternoon my wonderful fellow interns and I were lucky enough to have a meeting with a very inspiring activist rapper from Brazil, MV Bill. MV Bill is doing some truely amazing things for his country. He is using his skills in the hip-hop world to make a difference in the slums of his home country. But he is not doing it in the conventional way most Americanized hip-hop stars would think to make a difference. In fact, he disagrees completely with the way that many American rap artists have portrayed themselves through their lyrics and lifestyles.  MV Bill is actually rapping about the experiences and hardships in the slums of Brazil in order to get the government,people of Brazil and all across the world to try to change the terrible things occurring in their slums. Even though people of have called him crazy and dont understand why he is using his music skills to tell of the hardships many native Brazilians endure everyday, he still continues on, because he knows what needs to be done in his country and I guarantee you, he won’t stop until the worst has been made better.

While we were all gathered around our conference room table with MV Bill, the executive director of P4L and Lemonade Day, Julie (whom is by the most inspiring woman Ive ever met) asked each of the interns to introducre ourselves and tell MV Bill what it is that drives us to make Lemonade Day happen. As soon as Julie said that, immediately my thoughts started to churn. As each of us went around the table the passion and joy in the room started to build to a whole new level, the spark in each of our eyes shined so bright when telling about the joy we feel for what we are doing. It is truly amazing to see the transformation we have each gone through in just three short weeks. Everyone one of us are on fire to help better the youth and future of our country.  Even though we each depicted our passions in different ways, we all came back to the same common goal… to inspire all of the youth in each of our cities, across the nation and around the world that anything is possible.

As week three of my journey with Lemonade Day comes to an end, my passion and love only grows stronger. I hope that you will embrace Lemonade Day with just as much passion as the whole Lemonade Day team has. What we are doing for the future is like nothing else.  I believe that with each lemonade stand that his put up on Lemonade Day there will be three times as much confidence, strength and hope instilled in each child that participates.

Have a wonderful weekend.

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