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Shea’s Lemonade Rocks! $2,452.34 and counting …

It’s been a busy few weeks here in Lemonade Land. We’ve had 21 Lemonade Days throughout the country [and Canada!] in just 10 days … still 10 more Lemonade Days to go! . . . not to mention the countless independent stands popping up in cities around the globe.

Today we follow-up with our enterprising entrepreneur, Shea. We have been following Shea for months now. If you need a refresher course: Shea wrote Donald Trump requesting his help as an investor and permission to have her stand on his golf course. After no response, Shea went to Plan B and secured a location at her favorite local restaurant in Haymarket, VA. She chose her charity as the Twin Towers Initiative and the National Law Enforcement Museum. The charities and community rallied Shea’s cause and soon she was at the Police Ski Championships for a kick off where she raised over $1,000 for her charities EVEN BEFORE LEMONADE DAY!

Shea held her Lemonade Day stand on National Lemonade Day, May 1. But first, I want to share a note of thank her father sent to their supporters on May 2:

How ironic that we all gathered yesterday [at Shea’s lemonade stand] to honor the 72 Law Enforcement Officers who lost their lives in the Twin Towers on 9/11 while at the same time our Country’s resources were taking out the main person responsible for the loss of those lives.  We would to thank each of you for coming out yesterday to support Shea‘s lemonade stand in honor of those fallen LEOs.  It was a great success just by the attendance alone.  However, Shea was able to raise over $1,345.00 yesterday from the sale of lemonade, t-shirts and additional contributions.

Last night’s news of Osama Bin Laden’s fate hopefully can start the closure for the families and friends of those who lost loved ones, friends and co-workers on 9/11.  However, no one should ever forget those who perished on that date including the 72 LEOs who bravely sacrificed their lives in their attempt to rescue the many still trapped inside the Twin Towers.  I am very proud of my daughter’s effort to honor those LEOs with her lemonade stand proceeds going to the Twin Towers Initiative that will be displayed at the National Law Enforcement Museum located in WDC.”


There was a tremendous turnout from the community including law enforcement, firefighters and media.

The weather wasn’t perfect, but Shea had a great turnout.  Everyone had a blast … her school principal even stopped by.  When the local newspaper reporter asked what she was saving for, Shea responded that she was saving to go visit her best friend in Houston.

Shea made three different kinds of lemonade:

  1. Strawberry
  2. Pink
  3. Regular

Shea MADE a total of 16.5 gallons of lemonade

  1. 4.5 gallons of Strawberry Lemonade
  2. 4.0 gallons of Pink Lemonade
  3. 8.0 gallons of Regular Lemonade

Shea SOLD 15.5 gallons of lemonade or 248 cups!!!  (Thirsty people)

  1. 4.0 gallons of Strawberry Lemonade (64 cups)
  2. 4.0 gallons of Pink (64 cups)
  3. 7.5 gallons of Regular Lemonade (120 cups)

LEMONADE SALES – Shea sold 248 cups:

  1. 34 customers purchased qty 1 cup for $3 = $102
  2. 107 customers purchased qty 2 cups for $5 = $535
  3. Total Lemonade Sales:  $637


  1.  10 customers purchased qty 1 shirt for $15 = $150
  2. 12 customers purchased qty 2 shirts for $25 = $300
  3. Total T-Shirt Sales:  $450


1.        Tips and charitable contributions = $562.50

$1649.50 – total raised

$  190.99 – less costs

$    29.17 – Shea’s piggy bank (2%)

$1429.34 – DONATED TO TWIN TOWERS INITIATIVE/NLEOMF for the Law Enforcement Museum 

That’s a total of $2,452.34 thus far for charity.  (She already donated $1023.00 from her “kick-off” at a police event in March).  She’s now off to Police Week.  Her stand will be outside the NLEOMF retail store at the corner of E Street NW and 4th Street on May 12 from 3-6 pm when the Blue Valor and Police Unity tours arrive in DC from Ground Zero in NY.

Shea is an inspiration to entrepreneurs and philanthropists around the globe. Learning at 6 years old about investors, site location, banking, giving back and so much more. Do you know someone who participated in Lemonade Day? Do you have a story of an enterprising entrepreneur to share? Share your story with us

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Shea raises over 1K and it’s not even Lemonade Day yet!

It’s been a few weeks since we checked in with superstar entrepreneur Shea. She’s back from her kickoff in Colorado … and we’re pretty sure Mr. Trump is kicking himself for missing out on this opportunity.  An update came through today …

Cops Dump Donuts for Lemonade
by Maureen Dowling
Haymarket, Virginia

As you may recall, Shea was invited to the North American Police Ski Championships last week to “kick-off” her lemonade business and fundraising efforts for the Twin Towers Initiative.

One we arrived in Snowmass, CO, we quickly went to work to set up her table, laying out her binder that contained all the information around her business goals and objectives as well as the Official Lemonade Day Blog covering her journey……and making lemonade!

Shea was open for business 3 nights for about 2 hours each night.  One night was officially designated “Get Your Lemon On,” specifically for Shea’s Lemonade stand.   The lines were long and it was a sell-out each night.  Shea kept track of her lemonade and t-shirt sales as well as tips and charitable donations each night.

Shea sold Lemonade at 1 cup for $3 and 2 cups for $5.  She also sold her t-shirts were $20.  Over a three-day period totally approximately 6 hours of work, Shea sold….

Qty 32 Get Your Lemon On T-shirts

Qty 25 Cups of Lemonade at $3

Qty 20 “2 for $5” Lemonade at $5

Joe DeSalvo, Sheriff of Pitkin County & his wife donate $150 to Shea's cause

Special Thanks to Joe DeSalvo, Sheriff of Pitkin County, Colorado who met Shea during the first night where he and his wife sat down with Shea as she explained her goals and what she has set out to accomplish.  On the third and final night of Shea’s lemonade sales, Mr. DeSalvo presented Shea with a $200 donation that he and the Sheriff’s office collected to support her efforts.

At the closing banquet, Shea presented  a check in the amount of $873 (total sales less cost and 3% to herself) to Ben Caperton, Chairman of the North American Police Ski Championships.  Shea expressed her thanks and gratitude to all of the police officers for supporting her efforts, and when asked what her dollar amount goal was for the “kick-off” was….she replied $1,000.   Clearly, everyone knew that she was shy of her goal.  That is when the Coral Gables Police Department presented her with a check in the amount of $150 check to push her over her 1k goal!

Coral Gables Police Dept help Shea reach her 1K goal!

We are busy preparing for May 1st.  Shea will be conducting some door-to-door marketing in the community handing out flyers and invitations.  The Lion & Bull have Shea’s event info displayed and are working hard to help us get the message out.  In addition to discounted menu specials we will have face painting and glitter “lemon” tattoos for the children (adults too!) Thanks to community mom’s who are lending their time and specialty.

Hopefully in a couple of weeks we will have some lemon sightings in the neighborhood….more to come on that.


Shea and the Board of NAPSC!

For more information on registering your child for FREE in Lemonade Day visit and find your city. Or, if Lemonade Day is not yet in your city, you can participate individually by visiting

If you have a lemonade story, please share it with us at!

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Sorry, Mr. Trump. It’s not personal. It’s business.

If you haven’t been following along, here’s the short of it: Shea is a young entrepreneur planning her Lemonade Day stand and her mom agreed to share her story with everyone. We’ve been posting her savvy business journey as she asks Donald Trump to set up her stand on his golf course, chooses to donate her proceeds to a charity dedicated to the memory of fallen police heroes, family and friends lost on 9/11, and reaches out to friends and family for help with marketing.

Lion & Bull & Lemonade….Oh MY!

Shea has been putting the recent snow-day school closings in Virginia to good use as she continues to work on the details of her business and marketing plan for her lemonade stand.  While exciting and fun, Shea continues to learn that having a lemonade stand comes with a lot of responsibility including making tough decisions.

As you know last week, with still no word from Mr. Trump, Shea was faced with making a critical business decision in finding an alternative location for her lemonade stand.  Remember Sam, the General Manager of their favorite restaurant bar & grill?  Well, after Shea spoke to Sam, the family sent a follow up e-mail and provided him with additional information on National Lemonade Day as well as the link to this blog covering Shea’s journey and outlining her charities (Twin Towers Initiative and National Law Enforcement Museum).  It didn’t take long for Sam to work his magic and deliver the good news (as the family walked in the restaurant on Friday) that Shea had officially landed a spot for her lemonade stand on the Lion & Bull Restaurant patio on May 1.   Furthermore, Shea has the full support of this establishment to make her lemonade stand a huge success not only for her but also the community.  It was an exciting moment for Shea (not to mention mom and dad, too).  She was even able to meet Mr. Miner, the restaurant owner.

Sorry, Mr. Trump.  It’s not personal.  It’s business.

Shea’s mom said, “I want to point out that while the positive news of an approved location for her stand was exciting, I think what is more exciting was to hear Sam and Mr. Miner talk about how they want to help and be involved in such a wonderful program that they didn’t know existed for children (until we gave them the info).  What more is that after speaking with Mr. Miner, we learned of his prior law enforcement history and his full support of Shea’s efforts for the charities she has chosen.  Just a feel good moment for all!”

Indeed! We here at Lemonade Day thank Shea and her family for spreading the lemonade love and being so passionate in their endeavors. We also salute Lion & Bull – especially Sam and Mr. Miner for all their support. And opening their doors to Shea.

Hey HAYMARKET, VIRGINIA … you know where to be on May 1.

Support Pours In from the Law Enforcement Community

Word of Shea’s participation in National Lemonade Day and her efforts to support the Twin Towers Initiative specifically for the National Law Enforcement Museum is spreading throughout the law enforcement community.

  • Ben Caperton, Founder of the Twin Towers Initiative, has posted information on National Lemonade Day as well as a link to the National Lemonade Day Blog covering Shea’s journey on the Twin Towers Initiative website under the “news” section:
  • When Retired Police Officer Ken Cordo, of the Port Authority of NY & NJ Police Department, whose 37 colleagues perished on 9/11 and are among those honored by the TTI, learned of Shea’s efforts, he responded “It’s touching and gratifying that someone who was not even born yet is willing to make this effort so that our vow to ‘always honor, and never forget’ those lost on September 11, 2001 can go forward, generation by generation.”
  • Jal Ally, Retired Narcotics Police Officer with the Chicago Police Department said, “I dare anyone to taste Shea’s lemonade; it’s the best.”
  • In addition, Shea received a personal letter in the mail from Richie Herr, a Retired Detective of the Toms River, NJ Police Department with words of praise and encouragement for her participation in National Lemonade Day. Mr. Herr even sent a check to be the first to buy lemonade from Shea in advance of her May 1st sale.


Last week, the Shea and her mom worked with family friends from Houston who own Bull-Shirts of Houston on layout and design of t-shirts utilizing Shea’s lemonade logos she designed with their neighbor who is a graphic designer.

Get Your Lemon On t-shirts are officially on-sale!

Upcoming Plans – BUSY WEEK AGAIN

  • Shea has asked what chores she can do around the house that will earn her an allowance that she can put towards her Lemonade Day items.  Shea is now in charge of taking the recyclables out to the garage, which earns her an allowance of $2 per week.
  • Shea and mom are planning a trip to the dollar store, specifically for a pencil box that will be used to store checks, cash, and donations … acting kind of like a cash register.
  • Shea continues to work on “thank you” notes to those who continue to support her.
  • Mom and Shea will work on making a couple of different charts that will be used to track the number of cups of lemonade sold.
  • Mom, Shea and Sam to meet to go over ideas to make Shea’s Lemonade Stand a huge success at Lion & Bull.
  • Dad working on lemonade stand design and has now picked up the task of locating Lemon mascot costume.  Shea will send follow up letter to Ellen DeGeneres this week….remember, she was asked to come to stand dressed as lemon.
  • If time permits, Shea will send a personal letter to Donald Trump informing him of her business decision to secure alternative location, but will extend invite for him to attend new location.

We’re so excited about Shea’s stand and all the support from the community – both local in Virginia and from the national law enforcement community. You can help Shea, too – if you’re on twitter #ASKELLEN to support Shea’s stand and come dressed as a Lemon. She’s @TheEllenShow.

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Shea – The Next Apprentice.

Donald Trump's next Apprentice for sure!

Shea’s been busy creating her marketing plan and business plan since we last checked in with her. No word from Donald Trump yet. So as a responsible business owner, Shea scurried to make a “back up plan.” Shea’s mom had to explain that although she continues to work hard on her letters, these folks are very busy and may not always get a response in the mail in a timely manner.  She approached a local restaurant that the family dines at regularly and asked Sam the Manager for permission to set up her stand on May 1.

Shea found out her neighbor is a graphic designer and agreed to sit with Shea and help her design a lemonade stand logo which is also going to appear on aprons that her grandmother is helping her make [they just picked out the fabric last weekend] as well as some promotional material she is working on getting donated. [Shea’s picked up some of her marketing savvy from her mom who works in marketing. Quick kid.]

Here’s what Shea and her neighbor came up with:

From Shea’s mom, “It’s fun to see how excited Shea is about her stand. She’s really grasping the idea of asking lots of people for help and not to mention letting everyone know of her plans on May 1. She is 6 so trying to understand how her mind works sometimes is amazing!


Shea had thought about donating her proceeds “to helping old people get out of hospitals or police.” She has settled on The Twin Towers Initiative that supports officers who died in 9/11 and supports the new National Law Enforcement Museum to open in Washington, D.C. in 2013. Shea’s mom reached out to the Founder of TTI, Ben Caperton. Ben was floored and tickled that Shea had chosen to start her own Lemonade Day stand and donate her proceeds to TTI. He was so excited in fact, that there is much talk about how he can help promote and support her efforts, especially with 2011 marking the 10 year anniversary of the terrorist attacks.

What’s next for Shea?

Shea and her mom borrowed $25 from the piggy bank and purchased straws, a 3-gallon drink dispenser and a container to hold her supplies.

This week Shea’s calling her friend Owen and his mom in Houston who works at a popular T-shirt printer to see if they will support Shea’s stand by discounting her t-shirts. Shea and Owen were neighbors in Houston and participated in the YMCA after-school program doing Lemonade Day in 2010.

Proving it’s a family affair, Shea is checking in with her grandmother about her lemonade aprons and working with her dad on her lemonade stand design, while her mom works on a write up for TTI and Ben.

We’ll keep checking in with Shea on her efforts. Help us spread the word on twitter and facebook by sharing Shea’s story with your friends and getting that busy Mr. Trump to give Shea a call! [pssssst … he’s on twitter at @realdonaldtrump.]

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Will Donald Trump Let Shea Set Up A Lemonade Stand?

Meet Shea – she’s a 6 year old student who has an awesome plan for her Lemonade Day stand. Her mom has agreed to let me tell you her story. I’ll share her journey over the next 3 months. If you have a story to share – drop me a note at

Over the holidays Shea’s mom and dad took the opportunity to teach Shea that the holidays were more than just presents and that there were lots of children that didn’t receive presents which really struck a chord with Shea. She started to ask about ways she could help beyond donating personal items. That’s when Shea decided to do a Lemonade Day stand to help others. Shea knew about  Lemonade Day because she had participated in Texas last year through the YMCA afterschool program but the family has since relocated.

Since that decision every day is spent planning her lemonade stand following the Lemonade Day workbook:  stand design, location, who’s dressing as lemons, aprons and who’s coming to her stand.  In developing her business plan Shea had some great ideas on investors,  location and marketing so she decided to write some letters to a few people including Donald Trump, Ellen DeGeneres and Barack Obama. [She was fortunate enough to visit The White House and even pet the First Dog, Bo last month.]

Shea just finished her letter to Donald Trump and sent it over to us. I just had to share. She’s still choosing her charity but is leaning towards The Twin Towers Initiative which honors the 72 police officers killed in 9/11 and raises funds for the new Law Enforcement Museum in D.C.

And yes, she did catch a couple of episodes of The Apprentice.

Dear Mr. Trump,

My name is Shea.  I am 6 years old.  I am in first grade at Elementary school in Virginia.  I am a quality student.   I am writing to you because I am learning about money.

On May 1, 2011 I am going to be part of National Lemonade Day and have my very own lemonade stand.   My dad is building it.  My mom is helping me with stuff like how much money I need from my piggy bank and finding the perfect spot for my stand and asking The Giant to donate lemons and writing to you.

Can I set up my lemonade stand at your golf course in Sterling Virginia?  I want to make a lot of money.  I pinky promise to pay back everyone who helps me.  They are called investors.  I will put some money back in my piggy bank.  I will donate the rest.

I can’t get a cell phone until I am10 years old but you can call my mom’s phone  XXX-XXX-XXXX.  I get home from school at 4 o’clock.  I have gymnastics on Tuesdays and Thursdays but I will tell my mom that I need to talk to you when you call.

Your future apprentice,


With future entrepreneurs and philanthropists like Shea, I’m so excited about our future. Tune in next week to check in on Shea’s progress. And if you are Donald Trump reading this – we hope you allow Shea to set up her Lemonade Day stand on your golf course.

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