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Entrepreneur Social Responsibility and Lemonade Day

Bob Phibbs, Greene County, NY Champion

This is a guest post from Lemonade Day Greene County City Champion, Bob Phibbs in New York State.

Entrepreneur Social Responsibility and Lemonade Day – Why You Should Give A Damn

One of the tasks Donald Trump had participants perform on the first season of The Apprentice was opening a lemonade stand. As that task showed, it’s not as easy as it looks if you’re accounting for costs and trying to make money.

Lemonade Day, started by Michael Holthouse in Houston four years ago, shows youth K-12 how to become entrepreneurs.

When hundreds of thousands of kids in over thirty cities register and pickup one of the bright yellow backpacks this month, they will embark on one of the oldest methods entrepreneurs were exposed to early in life – opening their own lemonade stand.

Through a series of 14 lessons that include setting a goal, budgeting, cost analysis, site selection, advertising, building a stand, opening a bank account, and giving back to charity, they learn over forty skills to prepare them for real life.

We want to reward individual initiative, goals, and dreams – not reward kids just because they show up. Kids have to overcome their fears and follow a path they may never have taken, but when they do they discover the rewards are great.

Students aren’t given anything but the workbook; they have to do the work to earn the money for themselves just like in real life…

But it’s not just about making money, it’s giving back…

Last year, kids sold $6.8 million in lemonade and gave back $2 million dollars to charities of their choice.

But that’s not why you need to know about and support this…

Lemonade Day helps parents see and nurture the entrepreneurial skills their kids will be called on to navigate an increasingly complex world as adults.

And that’s great but it’s not why you should get a damn.

This is…

American Business. Small businesses, big businesses, non-profit businesses, you name it, have been devolving lately.

Where once they were the ones creating a world of abundance for employees, for communities, and indeed for America itself, many have become increasingly focused on, “What can be given to me?”

That gimme attitude has created a true “lack” mentality in our culture and most importantly trickled down to our youth.

Lemonade Day became important to me while I was chatting with a contractor’s assistant working on my house. He shared that he hoped his son could grow up and get a job at the local prison because “that’s the best job he could get.” No one ever tripped the entrepreneur switch for him, so he figures the same fate probably waits for his kid.

In a world where “safe” jobs are disappearing, it will be up to the individual to make a living for themselves. If we don’t turn on that entrepreneur spirit in kids, we are looking at generations of people who won’t be able to start anything.

And that’s why you should give a damn about Lemonade Day on Sunday, May 1, 2011. Check out to find out about joining or supporting a city’s Lemonade Day.

I live in Greene County, a rural area two hours north of Manhattan where developing entrepreneurial spirit will make a huge difference to the future of its citizens. That’s why I’m championing this program with a goal to open 500 stands on Sunday, May 1.

An entrepreneurial mindset to social responsibility means teaching kids they have to be able to think on their feet and be welcoming to others. If they spend their Lemonade Day looking at their feet because they are shy, they’ll find out no one will buy from shy, quiet kids. Lemonade Day provides ways for them to overcome that before it becomes a life pattern.

This isn’t a project for a troop, class or club.  Entrepreneurs are individuals. It’s not trophy day.

If we as business owners could change the mindset of kids early, they’ll learn they can be rewarded for their minds, their creativity, indeed their entrepreneurism.

There are so many kids out there planning to do nothing when they graduate. If this sparks them to go out and open more businesses, we’ll have succeeded.

If we miss the chance to show youth that making money is a good thing, not something to be vilified like in the movies and on TV, then we as a society have truly failed.

And those are some of the reasons you as an entrepreneur should give a damn about Lemonade Day.

Bob Phibbs is the Retail Doctor® an industry authority on customer service and sales, professional speaker and author of The Retail Doctor’s Guide to Growing Your Business (Wiley.) Phibbs has helped hundreds of businesses in every major industry, including hospitality, manufacturing, service, restaurant and retail. Find out more about him at

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From Piggy Bank to Savings Account

How old were you when you started your first bank account?

Maybe you opened an account after nabbing your first job. Or you were lucky enough to start saving as a kid in your own savings account.

That’s exactly what young Lemonade Day entrepreneurs are encouraged to do.

Why start a savings account? The Lemonade Day Entrepreneur Workbook shares three benefits for youth:

  1. Earn money on your money.
  2. Keep your money safe.
  3. Become your own investor for next year’s Lemonade Day.

Frugal Dad talks about the process of starting a savings account for his daughter. While he had been making deposits for her in an online bank, he decided to take a trip with her to a physical bank. For the psychological impact of the experience, he writes.

Read the comments from other parents on Frugal Dad’s post. Parent Bill Dwight started the FamZoo Virtual Family Bank to teach youth about finances. Another parent, Kyle C., shares how his 3-year-old collects change in a piggy bank and makes a deposit on his birthday. / CC BY-NC-ND 2.0

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Teach them NOW!

With 3 weeks of this internship left, I have barely scratched the surface of what this amazing city has to offer. Out of the 11 cities that Lemonade Day is expanding to, I feel like Atlanta has one of the greatest amounts of potential.  There are SO many communities and at risk youth that could truly benefit from the amazing Lemonade Day Program; I am determined to reach them.  But I cannot do it alone.

Let’s look at some facts:


Atlanta is the third largest city in the United States, the urban core of one of the fastest growing metropolitan areas in the United States, it has the nation’s third largest amount of Fortune 500 companies, and over  75% of the nations Fortune 1000 companies.  On top of this all, it has also been named the “Black Enterprise”, or “Black Mecca” of America.  And how can I forget, Forbes ranked Atlanta as one of the top 5 cities/metro areas to run a business.  When we are talking about expanding a program that teaches youth to be business savvy, financially literate, successful entrepreneurs early on in life…is there really a better a place?


The importance of encouraging entrepreneurial interests among youth–within families, neighborhoods, and larger communities–strikes at the heart of Black Enterprise Declaration of Financial Empowerment Principle No. 7: to provide access to programs that will educate my children about business and finance. There are plenty of resources available for parents that will help their children learn about business and finance including camps, economics programs, clubs, and associations.

Guess what?  Lemonade Day can be one of those resources!  I have to be honest and tell you, I’m in my junior year of college, and until I interned with this amazing program, I never even IMAGINED being an entrepreneur.  Had I had this mindset earlier on in life, do you know how far ahead in I would be?  Let me give you an example, let’s look at an amazing young entrepreneur  I met through this internship,  Keith J. Davis Jr.  (look him up at  Keith has done more in his youth than some have done in their lifetime.  He is an entrepreneur, speaker, author, actor, and model, and is well on his way to being a multi millionaire before he graduates college, and retired by 35. Why? He was exposed to business and entrepreneurship extremely early in life, and was aware that he had endless opportunities and resources.  Did I mention he is 18, and a recent high school graduate?

Lemonade Day is indeed for EVERYONE, but I am extremely determined to reach those at risk, inner city, minority youth that I know will benefit the most from it.  How amazing would it be to expose them to something that lets them know that they can create their own opportunities for success?  How amazing would it be to let them know that they don’t have to settle for where they are in life and that their current circumstances do not have to dictate what they can and cannot do in life? Kids can never learn too early how to grow and manage their money, we want to expose them to this all very early on through Lemonade Day.  Teach them now, why wait?


I spoke in an earlier blog post about being a village and building a community that cares through Lemonade Day. I am calling all businesses, nonprofits, government, schools, and religious sectors to join together and become that village that empowers kids in Atlanta to run a business, be successful, and give back through Lemonade Day.  Who is in?

Contact me:

Visit our site:

Follow me on Twitter:

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Even Lemonhead was an MJ Fan….

Lemonhead decides to impersonate the late and great Michael Jackson…

Tell 'em that its human nature....

Tell 'em that its human nature....

Woah! I can truly say I love working with these people. There is not a dull moment in our office, and our work ethic and passion for inspiring children to create their own success through Lemonade Day is amazing! Look out for updates to our site, we’re currently working on our city specific pages!

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The numbers.

This past week my focus has been finding all of the schools in the Chicagoland area. The process has been rigorous but so enlightening. As I found more and more schools my enthusiasm grew more for lemonade day. With each school found there is potential to reach even more children, which is the whole point of Lemonade Day. The sheer number of students and places of education is my push to make Lemonade Day Chicago as big of a success as possible.

There is potential to reach hundred of thousands of kids. With lemonade day the children experience the opportunity of being successful by making their own business decisions, creating their own lemonade product and making their own money. These aspects will stick with the youth for a life time and best of all it will encourage them to contribute to the success of themselves and the success of our country. The number of children that need an uplifting program like Lemonade Day is enormous and it is my personal goal to maximize the amount of youth touched by Lemonade Day.

I hope that you will continue to follow Lemonade Day as it grows stronger and stronger across the nation. Lemonade Day is coming and there is no stopping us!

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The Power of One

One. It’s hard to believe a word that evokes such singularity can come to mean the complete opposite. In Houston, there’s a local radio station here that plays contemporary Christian music called KSBJ. There are no commercials. Ever! How awesome is that? Today is the commencement date for KSBJ’s Sharathon 2009! “The Power of One” is this year’s theme!

In other news, the National Conference on Volunteering and Service kicked off last night in SF! Many inspiring speakers helped open up this awesome conference, including California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger and his wife, Maria Shriver, First Lady of the United States Michelle Obama, and rockstar philanthropist Jon Bon Jovi! I am not in SF – but thanks to the live webstream broadcast, I was able to catch most of these speeches. Michelle Obama said, “This is the time to act” and Bon Jovi inspired many by talking about “The Power of We” and “If each of the hopeful can fix just one thing, imagine…”

The Power of One plays an enormously important role in Lemonade Day and applies to several different facets of the program. The “One” can be a literal reference to the individual—each child, each entrepreneur, each lemonade stand, and each Caring Adult. Or, it can refer to the single, greater entity that each individual is a part of: each city and each community. For Lemonade Day to be successful, it is certain that each one needs the other.

Lemonade Day is no easy task. It takes an entire year just to plan for one day! I’m not going to lie, we need your help! How will you make the difference?

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Hello World….

YEEC Founders (L-R): James Smith, Aaron Reid, * Jason Johnson at the "Hello World" Showcase in Atlanta
YEEC Founders (L-R): James Smith, Aaron Reid, * Jason Johnson at the “Hello World” Showcase in Atlanta

I stumbled upon the Young Entrepreneur Empowerment Coalition (YEEC) while researching youth entrepreneurship organizations in Atlanta.  I had actually read about their “Hello World” Showcase event months ago, and seen them pop up in numerous industry blogs, so when I came across them again last week I decided to take a closer look at their organization.  Needless to say, I am impressed.   Aaron Reid, son of music mogul and industry veteran L.A. Reid and singer/songwriter Pebbles, along with James Smith and Jason Johnson have launched something that I believe is on the way to being extraordinary.  These three young men have an entrepreneurial spirit out of this world. 

YEEC is a coalition of young entrepreneurs, actors, producers, artist, models, djs, and musicians united to become the influential agent for social change amongst youth (  Targeting 14-25 year olds, The Young Entrepreneur empowerment coalition seeks to empower new voices and leaders through activism, financial literacy, and industry mentorship, with a mission to help today’s youth become tomorrow’s successful leaders.  Congratulations to these young men who will work to inspire the next generation of successful and prosperous industry moguls and entrepreneurs! So sad I missed the “Hello World” Launch, I am definitely going to try and attend an even next time I’m in Atlanta.

So…what does this have to do with Lemonade Day?  Well, just as YEEC is hoping to inspire new age entrepreneurs in the entertainment industry with participation of the entire hip hop community, Lemonade Day is sweeping the nation by inspiring an entire generation of children to be entrepreneurs with help from their communities.  Everyone has a role in Lemonade Day, whether it is through selling lemonade, buying lemonade, volunteering, or advocacy. 

Children are trained in the fundamentals of business and financial management, learn to set goals, develop a business plan, establish a budget, seek investors, provide customer service, and give back to the community…all through something as simple as running their very own lemonade stand.  In all honesty, you just can’t beat that…..

As we begin to actually have more and more contact with supporters, potential sponsors, partners and etc. in our perspective cities, you can truly feel the enthusiasm and buzz throughout the office. Everyone gets a boost from knowing that our excitement is spreading to others who hear about our amazing program.  We are far from being finished, but we are so pumped about seeing things gradually fall into place.  It is evident early on that when Lemonade Day comes to fruition in each of our cities, we are making sure that it will be a HUGE success. 

Every day that I come into the office my excitement builds. Often times when I leave the office my work follows me home, but I can honestly say I don’t mind.  At the end of a very busy day, I know I’m truly making a difference.  GET EXCITED ATLANTA! Let’s get ready to encourage a new generation of kid entrepreneurs in your city!  After all…Forbes did rank Atlanta one of the top 5 cities/metro areas to launch a business.  I predict thousands of new businesses on May 2, 2010. =)

*Feel free to contact me at with any questions, suggestions, or concerns.  Don’t forget to follow me and Lemonade Day Atlanta’s progress on Twitter!

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